Friday, July 10, 2009

For John.

Life is just one big bumpy waiting in line so long that you forget you are already on it kind of ride.

Last night I spent the better part of my evening chatting with my dear friend, John. He and I met in college and were crazy friends from day one. I cant think of many people that I enjoy their company quite as much as I enjoy his. Of course, as is the standard when talking to friends from the old days, we started trotting down memory lane. It's funny to me how I can remember more things that I did when I was hanging out with that man than that I did last week! lol
One thing I always think about when I think about the past is how different a person I am now from 15 years ago. Not sure if I am a better person, but definitely a different person.

It is weird how things turn out because we spent about four years not even talking- not because of some friendship brawl that derailed our friendship. Just because of life and how it sometimes gets in the way- swelling like a balloon til you cant even see around it to all the things you used to love. I forget that he doesn't already know everything that has happened the last few years. Like it is just a given that he was there for any and all happenings- and vice versa for me as well- like his life was on hold and I cant quite picture it as it is now.

The last time we got together was at my wedding almost 6 years ago. Where has the time gone?
So- lesson for today, don't ever take one moment of friendship for granted. The relationships we have with people throughout our life is what dictates our life.

Love you J!

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